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From Allison Puryear, LCSW
Asheville, North Carolina

👋 , my name is Allison Puryear, & I want you stop putting off a better life & join the Abundance Party, my private practice membership program.

If you’re a therapist ready to leave agency work behind, set a schedule that works for you, & make great money helping people, join us. 

And once you do the work & follow the program & my proven steps, you can experience what it’s like to: 
  • When you’re full, you’re full. No out-of-control caseloads. No feeling guilty because you can’t see clients frequently enough.
  • Work the hours you want to work. End your work day at 2, & pick your kids up from school. Never work a Friday again. Start your day at 11 AM. Whatever schedule you want works.
  • Work exclusively with clients you do great work with. No more taking on clients just because a system or a supervisor said so.
  • Make more money. In my first calendar year in private practice, I worked half the hours & made 3X what I’d made in my last job. Paying my bills without anxiety feels amazing.
  • No more toxic work environments. I worked in retail & food service for a decade, industries that don’t have the best reputation for healthy environments. They have nothing on the toxicity of the mental health agencies I’ve worked in.

And in case you’re wondering, this program does not require:
  • Spending hours a week toiling away working on your practice. 😭 
  • Investing in marketing strategies you don't like. 🙁 
  • Taking or not taking insurance. 🤨
  • Spending tons of money on ineffective miracle solutions. 💔 
Or any of the undigestible or ineffective practice building advice you’ve tried before. 

Best of all? 

It only takes a few minutes to get started TODAY.

And most of our students report filling their practices with ideal clients within 6 months.

I know these sound like bold claims, but we’ve got the proof to back them up. 

To date, almost 5,000 students have filled their private practices with the Abundance Party including industry leaders.

So if you’re overwhelmed with feelings of... 

👉 Burnout from work… & you know it isn’t your clients. It’s the system or your boss or the sheer number of clients you’re expected to see. It’s not having any time to rest mentally.

👉 Disappointment that this job is just as toxic as the last job. We get our hopes up, but time & time again, we find ourselves in a different job with the same structural problems.

👉 Money stress. I’ll say it plainly – mental health agencies do not pay you enough to pay your bills, take vacations, save for retirement, take a weekly yoga class, buy a house, pay for kids’ college, or pay off your student loans. It’s not a personal moral failing if you are living paycheck to paycheck.

👉 No time or energy for friends or family. Having one more person ask anything of you after work makes you want to hide under a blanket. Or scream in your car. You’re so fried that meeting a friend for dinner sounds like a chore instead of fun. Your free time gets spent with Netflix instead of connection.

👉 Wondering if you should leave the profession. You devoted so many years of your life, money, & energy to become a therapist, & now you’re miserable. It may even be making you sick. If there’s any part of you that wants to stay, I want you to please consider a guided path to private practice. We need great therapists in this world. Private practice lets you do the part you love without most of the bureaucratic nonsense that makes this hard.

And you’re ready to… 

✅ Remember why you became a therapist & fully enjoy your work supporting clients who need your help & that you do great, fulfilling work with.

✅ Be the best therapist you can be & have the time to pursue trainings to stay on top of your game. 

✅ Finish your work days with energy for the people you love.

✅ Learn & implement some new skills that are way easier than what you have learned in your career so far.

✅ Invest a tiny fraction of what you invested in grad school, so you can make 6 figures a year while working way less & on your terms.  

You’ll want to read this letter until the very end. 

Because what I’m about to share with you has the potential to transform your business, life, & future forever. 

But before I get into the details of the Abundance Party, I want to share a quick story about how I created this program. 

Because even though I’ve built thriving practices, helped lots of therapists create their own practices, & been paid tens of thousands of dollars to speak to groups all over the world… 

When I first started as a therapist working in an agency, I was in the exact same place you’re probably in right now. 

Burned-out. Frustrated. Overwhelmed. And struggling to get ahead. 

Agency life is tough, believe me – I get it. I’ve been there. I told myself that if I had to work in a toxic agency for another year, I was going to quit & return to being a barista. 🙅‍♂️ ☕

It wasn't just that one job, either - it was four. With each, I thought if I just tried harder, took on more responsibility, maybe I could make a change. Instead, I worked more hours for the same pay & got a lot of "exceeds expectations" on my performance reviews. 

I was completely miserable...

Then I realized that agency life is the hard part.

We've all heard, “I could never be a therapist.” Many think it’s the client work that's hard, but the client work was the absolute best part of all those jobs. It's why we became therapists.

But many of our grad programs imbued in us a martyrdom. So therapists suck it up for the sake of getting to do meaningful work.

We work overloaded schedules, spend holidays away from loved ones, live in financial insecurity, & are often times undervalued & under appreciated. 

It smacked me in the face that the hardest part of being a therapist is the harsh reality that often comes with working for an agency.

I longed for the autonomy & financial compensation of private practice, but it seemed impossible. I knew nothing about starting a business & even less about running one. But, I began to research resources to learn a little bit more. I read business books, took courses & workshops, & did a lot of networking. 

Over time, I learned that I definitely had the skills & attitude needed to start & run a business, I just needed some know-how. 

So I dug in.

I studied & worked to change my mindset. Slowly private practice started feeling like a possibility. I did the work to learn how to run my own practice, & started thriving practices in 3 different states - working with my ideal client when & how I wanted while making a full cash fee.

I began to live life abundantly because of my thriving private practice.

Professionally, I loved my work & my clients & I realized I actually really enjoyed networking with peers.


  • We took a vacation to Hawaii after years of forgoing them due to finances & scheduling.
  • We were able to start prioritizing & financially supporting family.
  • I worked a schedule that allowed me to form a weirdly competitive yoga practice (I've since retired 😂) & go on fun adventures.
  • I pinch myself daily that we bought our dream house last year - the one in the neighborhood where all the kids hang out & has enough space for our active family. It has really changed our life for the better. ❤️ 
  • 3 The Abundance Party 🎉

    Combining the best of our resources, the Abundance Party is our monthly subscription service that will guide you in building your practice. 🎉


    “I just went over my revenue for my first year in private practice, & it was $113,000!!!! I far surpassed anything I could have imagined… I took 6 weeks of vacation & 3 straight weeks with my girls to visit family. I’m now getting done with my day at 4 pm. Thank you again & best of luck to you all!”


    Therapist & Private Practice Owner

However, you should know that I did not come into private practice easily.

Abundance Party private practice support

Starting a private practice is deceptively challenging – it’s really tough to go at it alone without good support.  

I spent a lot of time, money, & energy learning how to grow & operate a business. There were tears, a lawsuit, & more mistakes than I care to admit. 😔 

Yet with a lot of bootstrapping, & tears, I took the risk & I’ve been rewarded beyond my expectations.

Sure, there were moments of panic & I practiced all those skills we encourage our clients to use.

But, within six months I was fully booked & effortlessly maintained a full practice for three years. 

I then tweaked my systems as I went so I could be more efficient.

I made more money in five months in private practice than I’d ever made in a year working two agency jobs.

I saw life in a whole new way thanks to private perks & it's many benefits, including:

Abundance Practice Buuilding_Allison Puryear_Therapy_Consultant

As private practice changed my life, I wanted to share what I'd learned with others. 

I started encouraging my peers to start their own private practices after watching lots of them burnout & some leave the profession all together.

We need more good therapists out there so I became obsessed with helping my therapist friends & colleagues start their own practices.

Within a few months, using the knowledge I'd gained building my own private practice, I convinced my bestie to go out on her own. As I watched both of our lives change, I was hooked helping others find abundance in private practice.
Abundance Party Private Practice Support

More & more of my therapist buddies started their own businesses & soon people were reaching out to me for help. 

I got to watch folks first-hand building their practices & it was such an incredible thing to watch. 💥 

What I learned was simple…  

Subjugating your needs isn't necessary for private practice the same way it is in an agency.

You can do the great work you love to do as a therapist & have flexibility in your schedule, make money that allows you to have the life you want, & have energy at the end of the day for the people or pets you love.

So, I became OBSESSED with discovering the specifics of what the high performing private practice owners I knew were doing. 

📅 How do schedule their days? 

🎯 What are their marketing strategies (& which ones do they AVOID)? 

🙋‍♂️ How did they determine their niche?

👿 How do they overcome imposter syndrome? 

💵 Where do they prioritize investing money for outsourcing help? 

So, I kept encouraging, coaching, & listening. I continued to learn & as my practice & those of my peers thrived, I decided to create the Abundance Party to help others do the same.

It's the resource library & community I wish I'd had when I started. It's a monthly membership program that offers courses, live & recorded trainings, a kick-ass private Facebook community, & a series of systems & routines that allowed me to build an empire while working less than ever before. 

But what’s even cooler? 
Is how many OTHER amazing therapists I’ve been able to help by sharing these resources. 
3 The Abundance Party 🎉

Combining the best of our resources, the Abundance Party is our monthly subscription service that will guide you in building your practice. 🎉


“I truly couldn’t have imagined this would happen to me, and so much credit goes to Allison’s program and this group! I’m 1.5 months into starting my new PT practice and went from 1 to 9 clients in the past few weeks and just got another inquiry this morning!”

Therapist & Private Practice Owner

3 The Abundance Party 🎉

Combining the best of our resources, the Abundance Party is our monthly subscription service that will guide you in building your practice. 🎉


“I made more this month than I have ever made in my life (I’m 46!!!). Taking my practice full time is working, and I am so grateful to Allison and this group for showing me it was possible and giving me such concrete goals, guidance, and inspiration.

Therapist & Private Practice Owner

3 The Abundance Party 🎉

Combining the best of our resources, the Abundance Party is our monthly subscription service that will guide you in building your practice. 🎉


“I want to thank the Abundance Party. I transitioned from insurance to private pay. I was freaked out & thought I made a huge mistake. I took the courses, watched the webinars, asked for feedback, and I have almost doubled my income in one year!!! I see less clients and serve the clients in my niche.”

Therapist & Private Practice Owner

3 The Abundance Party 🎉

Combining the best of our resources, the Abundance Party is our monthly subscription service that will guide you in building your practice. 🎉


“I love it! I have a waitlist now and am totally set for maternity leave. It changed everything 😊 ”

Therapist & Private Practice Owner

Stop putting off a better life.The Abundance Party Private Practice Support

After helping tens of thousands of therapists quit their agency jobs, I know that overwork & burnout is the norm in our field, not the exception or bad luck I'd assumed.

Private practice completely changes your life & is the key to a long, meaningful, & happy career. ✨

It just takes some thoughtful planning, execution, & the commitment to stick with a solid program. 

I want you to have this freedom, too. It’s why I teach you how to do it in the Abundance Party.

I promise you, there is a way out of working in yet another agency that doesn't treat you well: private practice! And there’s a way around the failure, so many private practice owners face when they don’t know how to build a business: the Abundance Party. We take you step-by-step through how to build your infrastructure & get clients in the door with our proven system (over 4,500 therapists have filled their practice using the Abundance Party!)

Inside the Abundance Party, I’ll walk you through a step-by-step system that shows you how you can… 

  • Work with clients you can truly make a difference with
  • Go on vacations
  • Have money for your hobbies
  • Have time for hobbies
  • Have time, money, & energy to do the good you want to do in the world. 
I’ll even show you how to EFFORTLESSLY join the fabled “4-Day Work Week Club” (but only if you want to… remember, this is YOUR practice… you can work whatever days you want & still make it work for you!). 

There's no theory. There's no fluff. Just proven systems & practices that have worked for me & thousands (like 4,500 & counting) of my best clients. 

Inside of this Exclusive Program

The Abundance Party is a monthly subscription service with a 6-month minimum commitment that provides access to scripts, templates, video courses, recorded trainings with industry experts, & much more, including an exceptional, private Facebook community. Thousands of therapists have used the Abundance Party to fill or optimize their private practices on their terms & I'd ❤️ to help you do the same.  

Resources You’ll Discover:

Online Courses take you through everything you need to know, step by step. You never have to wonder if you’re missing something important. We cover it all.

  • Know Your Niche
  • Marketing Fundamentals
  • Getting Off Insurance Panels

Live monthly trainings & access to recordings of those of the past several years, give you the opportunity to really dive into things not covered in the courses like starting a therapy group in your practice or truly understanding investing for retirement.

  • 3 Ways to Inspire Clients to Schedule with Aisha R. Shabazz, LCSW
  • Work/Life Balance with Anush Hansen, LPC, CCC
  • Increasing Your Online Visibility with Tara Trottier
  • Scarcity Proof Your Practice with Keri Nola

Our community is the kindest on the internet. This group of therapists supports each other with compassion, great ideas, & joins in celebrations of wins. It’s a total departure from the typical therapist FB group. 

  • Get real time feedback & support from your peers & Team Abundance 

Access to Recorded Coaching Sessions for Guidance to a Full Practice

  • Converting More Clients with Kelly
  • Transitioning From a Job to Private Practice with Alyssia
  • Increased Rates, Decreased Calls with Stasia
  • Raising Rates is Scary with Ali
  • Imposter Syndrome Pep Talk with Brit


Let's get listin'

  • Item #1: Courses! - Value $10,000
  • Item #2: Trainings! - Value $3,000
  • Item #3: Community! - Value $1,000
  • Item #4: Recorded Coaching Sessions! - Value $1,000


Let's get listin'

  • Item #5: Guidance to a Full Practice! - Value priceless




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You can have more of the same (long under-appreciated hours at an agency where you are replaceable, completing whatever bureaucratic extra paperwork they pile on, making barely enough to pay bills, much less go on family vacations or save enough for a kid’s college all while waiting for “the right time” to start a practice) or you can jump in, take a few months to learn how to create your practice the right way, get great-fit clients in the door, make 3 times as much & work half as many hours. It’s up to you.

Join the Abundance Party, which our students call a no-brainer investment...for only $69/month. 

If you’re a therapist who is ready & motivated to get out of agency work forever & into a thriving practice, we can help you. It doesn’t matter if you live in a big, therapist-saturated city or a rural small town. If you’re ready to build, we have what you need. 

Because I remember what it was like to scrape by financially, I choose to offer all of my knowledge to Abundance Party members for only $69 per month. I've taken the courses I used to sell for hundreds or thousands of dollars each & put them in this bundle so you can get what you need without going broke. I want everyone in private practice who wants to be - not just those with a wealthy partner or parent. That's why I price the Abundance Party affordably to help all therapists have fun while efficiently building or optimizing their dream practices. 🎉 

Create a practice that provides freedom, joy, & financial stability.




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“Thousands of therapists have used the Abundance Party to fill or optimize their private practices on their terms. I'd ❤️ to help you do the same." 

–Allison Puryear, LCSW

Let’s work together to create something great & avoid the burnout that leads to too many great therapists leaving the field – because let’s be real, we need therapists like you more than ever. 



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