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Get My Private Practice Playbook For Only $3/Day

👋 I’m Allison Puryear, LCSW, & I know that that private practice can transform your life. Say goodbye to those draining agency days & say hello to more freedom, income, & free time.

If you're ready to:

✨ End your work days with energy for the people you love...
✨ Learn & implement easier skills for your career...
✨ Make 6 figures a year while working less & on your terms...

But you're struggling with:

😭 Burnout from work & knowing it's not your clients but the system or your boss.
😔 Disappointment that this job is just as toxic as the last one.
😰 Money stress, living paycheck to paycheck despite your hard work.
😴 No time or energy for friends & family, feeling completely drained.
🤔 Wondering if you should leave the profession you dedicated so much to.

Let me paint a picture of what life can look like after the Abundance Party:

✋ You'll have control over your caseload, no more feeling overwhelmed or guilty.
🗓️ You can choose the hours you work, whether it's picking up your kids from school or starting your day at 11 AM.
💜 Work exclusively with clients you love, no more taking on just anyone.
💰 You'll make more money, leaving financial stress behind & paying your bills with ease.
🛑 No more toxic work environments, mental health agencies have nothing on us!

I want you to consider a guided path to private practice. It's time to take control, do what you love, & leave the bureaucratic nonsense behind. We need amazing therapists like you in this world!

Join me on this incredible journey & let's make your private practice dreams a reality. 💫 

Get My Private Practice Playbook For Only $3/Day

Ensure a bright future for you & your clients.

Build & Fill Your Practice with the Abundance Party!

The Abundance Party is a monthly subscription service that provides access to scripts, templates, video courses, recorded trainings with industry experts, & much more, including an exceptional, private Facebook community. Thousands of therapists have used the Abundance Party to fill or optimize their private practices on their terms & I'd ❤️ to help you do the same. 

Get My Private Practice Playbook For Only $3/Day

Abundance Party Pricing Options

Pick the price option that best fits your needs:

Affordable Monthly Membership

Abundance Party Monthly Membership


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Abundance Party 6-Month Access


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Lifetime Abundance Party Access


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What Other Therapists Are Saying

Get My Private Practice Playbook For Only $3/Day
  • ​​I just joined Abundance Party three weeks ago, & my confidence has already soared. I've upped my fee & most of my clients barely blinked. Thanks to the awesome training on groups, I'm starting my first-ever private practice group! And my About Me page has never looked so good, after following Allison's template. I've also gotten tons of helpful tips from the Facebook group, & even had the confidence to start a practice Instagram account...thank you, Team Abundance!

    Carolyn S.


  • I just had my first private practice client session an hour ago & I feel so ready & confident! I know this is what I'm supposed to do! My client spoke on how confident they felt in me helping them & that they could tell I was good at what I do. Thanks to the Abundance Party course for helping me know what to say when!

    Brittany H.


  • It’s so outright nurturing & confidence-building to have this inexpensive resource so very full of invaluable material saving years of frustration, possible bankruptcy, not to mention vast gratitude for Allison & Team. Thank you!

    Chris H.


  • Proud to be an Abundance Party member. The informational trainings, worksheets, & scripts are phenomenal. Worth way more than the $69 per month, but I very much appreciated you thinking about the salary of your colleagues & making it affordable! I appreciate all you do, Allison. I wouldn't have taken the big leap and left my group practice if I hadn't found you. DON’T WAIT! JOIN THE PARTY!!!!

    Nicole L.


Agency Life Is the Hard Part

We've all heard, “I could never be a therapist.” Many think it’s the client work that's hard, but the client work was the absolute best part of all those jobs. It's why we became therapists.

But many of our grad programs imbued in us a martyrdom. So therapists suck it up for the sake of getting to do meaningful work.

The hardest part of being a therapist is the harsh reality that often comes with working for an agency. So let's talk about the benefits of private practice... 

Get My Private Practice Playbook For Only $3/Day
Abundance Practice Buuilding_Allison Puryear_Therapy_Consultant


in our on-demand courses 


monthly trainings

Have fun saving time & money building your practice.

You Can Have What You Want! 💫 

I remember what it was like to scrape by financially. I've built a really successful business teaching therapists to build private practices because together, we get results. I can offer all that knowledge to Abundance Party members for only $69 per month with a 6-month minimum (which you'll need – there's a lot to learn & implement). I've taken the courses I used to sell for hundreds or thousands of dollars each & put them in this bundle so you can get what you need without going broke. I want everyone in private practice who wants to be - not just those with a wealthy partner or parent. So I created the Abundance Party to help therapists have fun while efficiently building or optimizing their dream practices. 🎉 

Save Time

We designed the resources in the Abundance Party to help you build or optimize your practice efficiently.

Build Faster

Please don't waste time trying to figure it out yourself! I've made the mistakes & created this program around all those hard-earned lessons.


industry experts




Create a practice that supports you & your boundaries.

Start Earning Good Money, Your Way. 

In the Abundance Party, we take you step-by-step through exactly how to start & fill your practice or optimize your existing business. We're here to support you wherever you are in your private practice. That way, you can focus on being a great therapist while getting the business know-how & marketing support that you probably didn't learn in school.

There's no program near this price point or this level of clear guidance to figure out what you want & show you how to get there. Plus, our Abundance Community knows what it's talking about & genuinely has the back of all the other therapists in the program. As a result, you'll never be in a more supportive & less dramatic group.

Step-by-Step Support

Whether you're just starting or working to optimize your existing practice, the Abundance Party provides specific, step-by-step support.

Save Money

The Abundance Party is hands-down the most affordable & comprehensive private practice resource out there.


Your Abundance Party Membership Includes:

Learn All The Skills Required to Build Your Own Business

Get My Private Practice Playbook For Only $3/Day

Online Courses

Think of this as the main event at a party. It’s the piñata in kindergarten, Spin the Bottle in 8th grade, or the kegger in college. These online courses are what you’re looking for; step-by-step instruction to getting your practice exactly where you want it to be!

Monthly Trainings

You know those friends of a friend you want to get to know better? We give you time to hang out with the Party version once a month to learn from leaders in the practice-building space. And with your membership, you have access to years of recorded trainings, too.  

Access to Recorded Coaching Sessions

Ever overheard a conversation & it made your life better? You don’t have to hide behind a plant to eavesdrop on these chats. If you like the Abundant Practice Podcast, you’ll love these recorded sessions where I help your colleagues untangle their practices!

The Kick-Ass Abundance Community

Who wants to be at a party with jerks? The Abundance Community, our private members-only Facebook page, is like a new set of besties. It's a great place to build great connections with your peers while getting real-time insight from our team & community that spans the globe.

Guidance to a Full Practice

We don’t lose sight of the purpose of the Party. It’s like a Sweet 16 or a Wedding Reception. Everything is aimed toward one goal – to fill a practice that makes you happy & serves your community. We’ve helped thousands get there. We can help you, too. 

Included Abundance Party Courses

💡 Know Your Niche   
✌️ Getting Off Insurance Panels   
🎯 Marketing Fundamentals
⚖️ Private Practice/Life Balance 
📝 What to Say When: Scripts & Templates   
🤔 Full Practice/ New Problems 

"Build the Right Practice"
Abundance Party Course Highlight 

Get My Private Practice Playbook For Only $3/Day


What Other Therapists Are Saying

Get My Private Practice Playbook For Only $3/Day
  • I made more money this month than I have ever made in any month in my life (I’m 46!!!). Taking my practice full-time is working, & I am so deeply grateful to Allison Puryear & this group for showing me it was possible & giving me such concrete tools, guidance, & inspiration…I know I would not be celebrating this win if I hadn’t found this group. Wishing abundance to you all.

    Jen B.


  • Allison Puryear & the Abundance Party have walked me through some of my toughest early-practice moments so far & although I know there are still more to come, I’m happy to have her & that tribe on my side with feedback, encouragement, & wisdom. Since joining, my practice actually has (gasp!) a handful of clients - but more importantly, I have a handle on my niche (finally), networking, & tons of long-term ideas for where I want to take my practice in the future. So much work still to do, but I’m incredibly thankful for the group.

    Brooke W.


  • The Abundance Party & Allison Puryear’s positivity & vision are literally what gave me the gusto & confidence to take the jump into private practice. Allison has helped me to keep the mood light, lean into the vulnerability, & begin to build a practice I really love. Her scripts helped me to land my first full-fee client without budging or settling into a sliding-scale conundrum. It can only go up from here & I feel so supported & encouraged by everyone in Abundance Party.

    Lauren T.


  • Working with Allison was so helpful for me - in ways I could not have predicted. I expected to get help with networking & practical tools (which I did get), but I had no idea that I would be challenged on a much bigger scale. While working with Allison & the group, I realized I was creating another job like the one I was leaving, one that would not be ultimately fulfilling. With this recognition & the following support, I’ve been able to build a practice I love. I will be forever grateful for her guidance!

    Darin B.



Abundance Party Specifics

We'd ❤️ to chat; contact our team for more info.

The Abundance Party is a monthly membership site. For only $69/mo (with a 6-month minimum), you'll get access to all the information & peer support you need to grow a thriving practice. Members have access to our extensive resource library, including over 100 hours of courses, trainings, templates & scripts, our private Facebook community, & the opportunity to purchase 1:1 coaching sessions with our Team (note: these sessions are not included in your Party membership). The Party is self-paced with lots of bonus homework & the opportunity to engage with the Abundance Community - the most helpful practice-building group on the internet!  Please note, all Party materials are housed in an online membership portal & some basic tech comfortability is suggested.

There's always room in the Party, but the sooner you get started, the sooner you’ll have a happy & full private practice!

There are a few pricing options for the Abundance Party...

Option 1 - Affordable Monthly Membership: Pay $69/mo for a minimum of 6 months. Cancel any time after your 6-month commitment by emailing the HelpDesk (we do not automatically cancel for this option).

Option 2 - Most Popular: Pay $345 upfront for 6 months of access to all materials. Your membership (i.e. access to materials) will automatically end once you've reached 6 months. Email our HelpDesk to continue your membership.

Option 3 - Best Value: Pay $1,500 upfront and have lifetime access to all Abundance Party materials. 

The Build the Right Practice course was designed because I've worked with so many practice owners whose business wasn't what they'd hoped despite having clients.

The Full Practice, New Problems course helps you optimize your full practice (streamlining systems, automating as much as possible, outsourcing, working less and making more, being more efficient). 

The Private Practice Life Balance course is great if you're feeling overwhelmed or burned out.

There is a subscription minimum if you select the $69/month option upon purchase. You can cancel anytime after that if you feel like your needs are met. I’ll save you the “getting out your calculator ” or "struggling with math in your head” stuff. That totals $414 over 6 months at $69. There’s going to be a ton of stuff to go through in there, so you’ll need at least 6 months to pore through it. Plus we have 12 trainings every year & recorded individual consults to watch each month — there’s going to be a constant flow of info and even if you cherry-pick, it’ll take some time to get through it.

Note: You must email our HelpDesk to cancel - we DO NOT automatically cancel your membership after 6 months. All cancellation requests must be submitted via a HelpDesk ticket at least 7 days before a client's next billing date. Requests submitted after this 7-day period may not be honored before the next automatic charge.

This depends on which pricing option you selected upon purchase.

If you selected to pay $69/mo (with a 6-month minimum), you only have access to materials so long as you are an active/paying member.

If you selected to pay $345 for 6 months of access, you only have access for 6 months (we will automatically revoke your access after 6 months).

If you selected the lifetime access payment option for $1,500, you will have lifetime access to all materials.


👋! I’m Allison Puryear (rhymes with “career”).

If you’ve been within 10 feet of me, you may know that I’m as passionate about practice-building as I am about helping my clients change their lives. However, you should know that I did not come into private practice easily.

Agency life is tough, believe me – I get it. When I worked in agencies, I longed for the autonomy & financial compensation of private practice. 

However, starting a private practice is deceptively challenging – it’s really tough to go at it alone without good support. Yet with a lot of bootstrapping, & tears, I took the risk & I’ve been rewarded beyond my expectations.  Sure, there were moments of panic & I practiced all those skills we encourage our clients to use. But within six months I was fully booked & effortlessly maintained a full practice for three years. I then tweaked my systems as I went so I could be more efficient. I made more money in five months in private practice than I’d ever made in a year working two agency jobs.

Having now built successful practices in 3 states, I’ve truly come to love practice building. So much so, I created Abundance Practice Building. We provide the tools that you need to create a successful private practice. One that’s healthy & provides freedom, joy, & financial stability. So, let’s work together to create something great & avoid the burnout that leads to too many great therapists leaving the field – because let’s be real, we need therapists like you more than ever.

Ready to get started?

Turn Your Skills Into a Profitable Private Practice

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