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Episode #466: Is It Financially Irresponsible To Leave My Agency With Debt Forgiveness & Go Into Private Practice?

Do you want to leave your good-paying agency that has debt forgiveness in favor of going into private practice? Are you worried this might be the wrong move, financially speaking, given your outstanding loans? Allison shares her thoughts in this week's Ask Allison episode of the podcast.  

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Episode #370: What is the Fastest Path to Replacing One's Agency Income with Private Practice?

Desperate to go full time in private practice but don't want to quit your agency job until you can replace its income? Then be sure to check out this week's Ask Allison episode of the podcast!

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Episode #329: Leaving a Good Situation

Abundance Community member LaTonya joins Allison in today's podcast to discuss what to do when your current full-time job is pretty great but private practice provides better & how to honor the place & people you appreciate while transitioning out.

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