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Episode #438: I’m Struggling To Ask For What I’m Worth. How Do I Navigate This?

Do you struggle with charging your fee? Then this week's Ask Allison episode is just for you!

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Episode #328: How Often Do You Raise Your Rates? What Factors Into It?

Are you wanting to raise your rates but aren't sure how? Then today's Ask Allison episode of the podcast is just for you!

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Episode #299: Raising Rates is Scary

Raising your rates can be really scary. Like terrifying. What if your clients push back? What if your caseload decreases as a direct result? Y'all - there are a lot of things that could happen, but "could" is the key word here. If you've determined the fee that works for you in your practice, don't let the could or even the imposter syndrome stop you. Tune in to learn more. 

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