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Episode #416: Should I Post My Fees on My Website?

Wondering whether you should include your fees on your practice's website? Allison shares her two cents in today's Ask Allison episode of the podcast.

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Episode #352: How Do I Tell My Pre-Existing Clients That I’ve Raised My Rate?

Do you want to raise your rate but feel nervous about telling your pre-existing clients? Check out today's Ask Allison episode of the podcast for Allison's tips!

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Episode #345: Working Class to Premium Fees with Tiffany McLain

In today's episode, Allison chats with Abundant Voices guest Tiffany McLain, MFT, about reconciling access to care & making good money, plus what is & isn’t the work of an individual clinician.

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Charging Too Much?

So, let’s talk about whether you’re charging too much.


There are two groups here:
  1. The people who have some money stuff to work through that aren’t actually charging too much, but fear they are (cue imposter syndrome, not-enoughness, fear people won’t pay it, etc.) They’re usually in the process of accepting a new fee and it’s uncomfortable but it passes after stating the fee several times and seeing that people aren’t punching you in the face when you say it and many are happy to pay it. Depe…

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Math Makes Fee Setting Fun!

Stacey Steinmiller of Authentic Self Counseling has been a part of the Abundance Practice-Builders Group for what feels like forever. She’s been an incredible support for folks and it’s been awesome to watch her practice grow from across the internet.

Stacey had an “ah ha” moment around fee setting and I love this perspective as an addition to the many ways we can go about deciding what to charge. Hopefully this is helpful for perspective! Here’s Stacey:

Math Makes Fee Setting Fun

Setting fees fo…

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Should You List Your Fees On Your Website

This question has come up a lot in the Facebook Group (hop in!): Should You Post Your Fees on Your Website?  It’s a great question and we’re divided on it as a field so I’ll explain the argument for each side and I’ll give my two cents. Be clear, there’s no right or wrong as long as a client is clear on your fee before your first appointment. So choose whichever side feels like the best fit for you and your business and let us know in the comments.

Anti-Fee Posting

My business coach hosted a retr…

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Raising Your Fees Could Make You a Better Clinician

Contrary to the subtle & not-so-subtle messages you got in grad school, having people pay real money for the services you provide doesn’t make you an awful person. In fact, it may make you more effective.

I recently raised my fee to $150 per session. It had been $125 per session for 4 years and it felt like time for a raise. Plus I’ve been elbow deep in my own money work and decided to practice what I preach. I had the response you might also have when you raise your rates: fear that no one will …

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