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Work When You Want

Work When You Want

As a full time worker with a part time practice I was used to the 8-5 then 5:30-7:30 plus a half-day Saturday work week. God, I read that now and feel totally overwhelmed by the idea of it, but at the time I just chugged along… for 5 years. 5 years, guys. That’s a long ass time to work that many clinical hours.

I entered full time practice with the belief that clients NEED evening appointments. It didn’t even occur to me that I could end at 5 and head home. So I built that fir…

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Doing It Your Way, Enjoy Work

I had an eye-opening experience a few days ago. Agnes Wainman’s awesome Blissful Practice Facebook Group (similar vibe as the Abundance Facebook Group… hop in both!)  had an “Ask Me Anything” with storyteller extraordinaire Marisa Goudy.

Who To Trust

Like many of you, I’m constantly learning: reading blogs, listening to podcasts, diligently underlining whatever book I’m reading (pro tip: keep an index card as a bookmark and use it to make straight lines). Lately I’ve been on an efficiency kick. …

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