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Episode 266: Advice for Creating More Online Content?

Facebook posts, blogs, Instagram Reels - oh my! Creating online content can be overwhelming, y'all - maybe even a bit scary. In this Ask Allison episode of the podcast, Allison is sharing her tips & tricks for how to make content creation both manageable & fun.

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Private- & Hobby-Based Social Media

In some ways, the internet broadens our world and helps us connect with clients, market, and create a supportive and awesome community. In other ways, it can create an unintentional fishbowl. If your client is in their 20s, 30s, or younger, without a doubt, social media is a part of their lives. Social media is so mainstream and normalized now. Do social workers have an ethical responsibility to restrict themselves from enjoying online hobbies that “regular” non-therapist folks can? Social medi…

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Finding Confidence in Your Website Copy

When people join the Abundance Party or Inner Circle, one of their major pain points is their website copy; they're afraid to show up or get started. They've had really bad feedback that was probably unwarranted or a little harsh or someone pointed out a grammar error a little too gleefully. 

Sometimes formatting can be a barrier- or branding can feel chaotic. This could be contributing to what I’m guessing the primary problem may be… the copy. 

The 3 major problems I see in therapist copy, assu…

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You're Already a Good Writer

If you’re a therapist you’ve already got most of the skills necessary to be a writer, too. You’re likely:
  • Curious about people;
  • Interested in sharing information and inspiration; and
  • Able to construct a coherent narrative.
That means if you want to write, you should. And if you decide to write and want to get it out there for the rest of the world to read and get paid for it, you should do that, too.

Before becoming a therapist I made my living as a freelance writer, which included a 4-ye…

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