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Episode #341: Fear of Specificity

Abundance Community member Erica joins Allison today to tackle her fear of specificity. Tune in as they discuss who to leave out when you niche, what to be specific about & what not to be specific about on your website, & how to keep your website about your clients, not you.

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Common Website Copy Mistakes

When people join the Abundance Party or Inner Circle, one of their major pain points is their website copy; they're afraid to show up or get started. They've had really bad feedback that was probably unwarranted or a little harsh or someone pointed out a grammar error a little too gleefully.

Sometimes formatting can be a barrier- or branding can feel chaotic. This could be contributing to what I’m guessing the primary problem may be… the copy. 

The 3 major problems I see in therapist copy, assu…

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Episode #243: Working with Fear


When you’re looking at the blank website in front of you, the fear of being seen & imposter syndrome tend to team up with the single goal of preventing you from getting anything written. Abundance Party member Myriah stops by the podcast today to discuss the pain points of writing your website copy when fear starts messing up your motivation.

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