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Episode #463: Profit First For Therapists, feat. Julie Herres

In today's podcast, Allison & author Julie Herres discuss how the structure of Profit First helps you bring more money home, how looking at your finances can help you better understand your practice, plus why a therapist version of the Profit First method is necessary.

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About Julie Herres:

Julie Herres…

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Episode #426: I'm Afraid to Switch From Group to Private Practice Due to Finances. Any Advice?

Want to take the leap from group to private practice but worried about finances? Allison shares her two cents in today's Ask Allison episode of the podcast.

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Episode #363: Money Stories & Ditching Budgeting, feat. Michelle Arpin Begina

Today we welcome special guest Michelle Arpin Begina to the podcast! Tune in as she explains how to reverse engineer your way out of budgeting & how to motivate yourself for saving for retirement.

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Be sure to check out Michelle’s TedX Talk!

About Michelle Arpin Begina:

If you still think of wealth as purely a numbers game, you haven’t met Michelle Arpin Begina. An Advisor, Author, and Speaker, Michelle has taken her own money story and alchemized it into a passi…

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Episode #345: Working Class to Premium Fees with Tiffany McLain

In today's episode, Allison chats with Abundant Voices guest Tiffany McLain, MFT, about reconciling access to care & making good money, plus what is & isn’t the work of an individual clinician.

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TherapyNotes™: TherapyNotes™ is the #1 rated EHR system for behavioral heal…

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Episode #337: Practice Money Management: Tactical & Emotional Foundations with Linzy Bonham

We're thrilled to welcome Linzy Bonham, MSW, RSW, to today's podcast. Tune in as she & Allison explore the importance of financial boundaries, emotional skills for money management, what it means to "run the numbers", & what an effective tax rate is & how to determine yours.

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Episode #274: Business/Finance Book Recommendations

Want to start a private practice & looking for some books to help guide you? Then this Ask Allison episode of the podcast is just what you need!

Check out the list below for the books Allison mentions (we recommend ordering through a local book store):

Oldies but Goodies:

  • 12 Months to Your Ideal Private Practice by Lynn Grodsky’s
  • Be a Wealthy Therapist by Casey Truffo
  • Private Practice Specific:
  • ACT on Your Business by Lee Chaix McDonough
  • The Entrepreneurial Clinician by Jo Muirhead

Fave Fina…

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