If you’re a therapist ready to leave agency work behind, set a schedule that works for you, & make great money helping people, join us!

Party+ Private practice support with Allison Puryear &  Abundance Practice Building


Party+ will help you build & fill your private practice with speed & clarity. 💫 Stop wasting time & money trying to figure out how to start or optimize your private practice. Work with our team to build a 6-figure practice that allows you to work when you want, where you want, with the clients you do great work with. 🎉 

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Combining trusted resources with individual support.  

After almost 10 years of helping therapists build their practices, we found that the people who got where they wanted to go faster, the ones that used the program the ways we hoped, seemed to lay the foundation & get the majority of their clients in the first 3 months. They went all in & we went all in with them.

We're calling this 3-month program Party+ & here's what you'll get...


Courses & trainings are great, but sometimes you need personalized support. You'll have access to 3 1:1s with our consultant, to be completed in your first 3 months of the program.


Need help in between your 1:1s? These Q&A sessions via Zoom are the perfect opportunity to get some clarity. These occur the 3rd Tuesday of the month at 1 PM ET.


Our resource library is a treasure trove that Party+ members have lifetime access to, along with our private Facebook page.


Party+ members get access to a monthly lottery where you can have the opportunity to book a free 30-minute individual consultation with me via Zoom. 

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individual consultations



Whether you’re focusing on strategy or mindset, 3-months of individual consultations will get to the heart of your exact situation, what you want, & how you’ll get there. Including:

🤝 Getting crystal clear on your niche

🎯 Creating & executing a marketing plan that works 

👹 Tackling the imposter syndrome that comes with starting your own business

Save Time

Individual attention gets you where you want to be faster.

Go Farther

An easy, individualized marketing plan propels you farther.

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Q&A sessions



students per session



Have a question that needs addressing between individual consultations, or are you looking to listen & learn from a crew? Party+ members have access to a monthly Q&A session via Zoom with Allison, where we dig into topics like:

💰 Money mindset support

💭 Setting boundaries within your business

😎 Building a practice that works for you

Save Time

Monthly check-in's with your Party+ cohort allows you to not only address places you're stuck but also learn from other therapists going through the program with you.

Go Farther

The live, conversational support with Allison will not only help you get you unstuck but will also inspire new ideas & opportunities. 

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industry experts



scripts & templates



Our self-paced private practice resources cover everything from setup to marketing to how to have better boundaries in your practice. These resources include:

📚 Courses that support you through every stage of private practice ownership

💻 Monthly live & archived trainings with industry experts

📝 Scripts & templates to help you navigate tough situations & save time & money

❤️ Free access to the incredible private Abundance Community Facebook Group 

👋 Monthly opportunity to book an individual private practice consultation with me

Save Time

No more hunting through free resources. We tell you exactly which steps to take & when, & monthly trainings with industry experts will give you real world insight. 

Go Farther

In-depth courses & trainings will help you determine your next steps, whatever they may be.

Chat with Allison to See if Party+ is a Good Fit 

Our cohorts in Party+ are motivated, coachable, & doing the work. We’re protective of that energy. We interview the people ready to commit to Party+, & we want you to interview us too!

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  • Party+ from Abundance Practice Building  private practice support Party+ 🔥

    Our most supportive offer created just for action-takers! Party+ combines 1:1 coaching with group Q&A calls with Allison & lifetime access to our entire resource library. 🔥 


    “Allison's positivity & enthusiasm is infectious. She gave me the kick in the butt I needed to raise my fees to a rate I feel valued at & helped me to let go of the fear I had that it would come across as me being greedy. Allison also helped me narrow my focus to be able to be less of a generalist & to work more with the clients I fit with best. Living with the "Abundance" mindset allows me to take great care of my clients, knowing I am doing great work with my ideal clients and still providing solid income for my family.”

    MA, LPC

  • Party+ from Abundance Practice Building  private practice support Party+ 🔥

    Our most supportive offer created just for action-takers! Party+ combines 1:1 coaching with group Q&A calls with Allison & lifetime access to our entire resource library. 🔥 


    “I made more money this month than I have ever made in any month in my life (I’m 46!!!). Taking my practice full-time is working, and I am so deeply grateful to Allison Puryear and this group for showing me it was possible & giving me such concrete tools, guidance, and inspiration…I know I would not be celebrating this win if I hadn’t found this group. Wishing abundance to you all.”

  • Abundance Practice Building

    “The community! Just... wow!”



I'm a therapist with a nearly diagnosable obsession with business development. 💁‍♀️ After nearly burning out at agencies, I built successful private practices in 3 different states & I realized I had a knack for helping other therapists do the same.

Over the past decade, I've done the challenging work of figuring out the logistics of building a sustainable, full, & happy practice. I promise you can have what you want. And my tools & resources will show you how. 🧑‍🏫 

Pricing Options

Pick the price option that best fits your needs:




2 Monthly Payments; $3,720 Total


  • 3 individual coaching sessions
  • 3 Q & A sessions with Allison
  • Lifetime access to resources
  • Access to live trainings
  • Supportive online community



One-Time Payment of $3,500


  • 3 individual coaching sessions
  • 3 Q & A sessions with Allison
  • Lifetime access to resources
  • Access to live trainings
  • Supportive online community



Need more support? Please send us an email; we'd ❤️ to chat.

Party+ combines:

  • 3 months of one-on-one coaching
  • monthly group Q&A sessions with Allison
  • Lifetime access to the Abundance Resource Library & private Facebook Group

Yep! Party+ is a 3-month program you opt into upon purchase & is not eligible for a refund. You can pay all at once or use our payment plan, but you must pay for the entire program regardless of your payment method.

"I've been doing private practice for a year & don't have the number of clients I want. I'm not a total beginner. Is this for me?"

"I'm not planning to start for a few months; is it for me?"

"I'm full but unhappy in my practice; is it for me?"

If you're serious & committed to building or optimizing your practice, Party+ is absolutely for you. We created this program especially for do-ers ready to dive in & get to work. By combining the individual & group-based learning components of Party+, you will get your specific needs or concerns met quickly & efficiently. 

Party+ isn't for you if:

  • If you're not able to commit the time needed to the program.
  • You've already optimized their practice & are wanting to learn the steps to building other revenue streams (eCourses, renting office space, consulting, etc.).
  • You're not relatively tech-savvy. 

Absolutely! Your individual private practice consultations, along with the Q & A sessions with me (the 3rd Tuesday of each month at 1 PM ET), will help you identify opportunities within your practice, & we've got courses to fill in any gaps, like:

We've got two payment options for our 3-month Party+ program:

  • One-time payment: $3,333
  • Payment plan: Two payments of $1777 for a total cost of $3,554. Your first payment will occur at the time of registration; the second payment will draft one month later.

Please email our HelpDesk if you have any questions. 

On average, clients spend 2-4 hours per week working on their practice during their time in Party+. The time spent is really dependent on how far along in the process you are. For instance, if you haven't built a website yet, you're probably looking at closer to 4 hours. 

Absolutely! In addition to the three months of 1:1 coaching, you'll have ongoing monthly Q&A sessions with Allison. If you need more support, you can certainly add-on additional support with our team. 

Whatever you need to to fill your practice. This is HIGHLY tailored. Our consultants have real experience in building their practices, & will help you create a marketing plan that doesn't feel like scheduling a root canal. FYI: Marketing is how your clients find you, & it can be really fun when you know what works for you/what doesn't. Without a great plan, you will build very slowly or not at all.

You'll also talk through wherever you're stuck. We all hit walls as we build, & Lindsay is excellent at helping navigate you out of the hellish parts.

Party+ will meet you where you are at. Whether you're just starting out, have a full but miserable practice, or you're somewhere in between. 

This is where the individual coaching sessions & monthly group calls really come into play.

If you're ready to start your practice & get the work done, the time is now. 

If you want a private practice in say six months, then five months out would be a great time to join. 

With individual coaching sessions, networking & marketing support, Party+ can help anyone, anywhere, build a private practice. 

We'll dig in with you to develop a good plan that will give you the confidence & know-how to leverage your marketing fully.

Marketing is a service. Full Stop. it is how your clients find you, & it can be really fun when you know what works for you/what doesn't.

That's where we come in. We'll work with you to figure out your marketing pain points. Together we'll develop a plan you'll be able to stick to & execute. Because, Without a great marketing plan, you will build very slowly or not at all.

Party+ is absolutely an investment, albeit a good one. A big thing we work on in our coaching is money mindset. Personally, It is one of the biggest hurdles I had in becoming an entrepreneur. but once I tackled some of the money scarcity stuff I was brought up with, my business absolutely took off.

 You invested a lot of time, money, & energy into becoming a therapist. Why wouldn't you do the same when embarking on an entrepreneurial private practice journey?