Moving in State & Need Help with Transition

Ok, so you’ve done it! You’ve built your dream practice - possibly with the help of the Abundance Party ;). Now, you’re moving to a different part of the state and you’re unsure of how to make the transition. You’re the sole provider and aren’t moving for a new job, just a change in scenery. How do you go about this? What do you do?

I have two words for you: online therapy. You can SLOWLY transition from 100% Place A to 100% Place B or maintain a practice in both.

Maintain your current referral sources from Place A. Transition any in-person clients to online when you leave. In my experience moving - and this was before COVID, so before online therapy was as well known - most of my clients would much rather transition to working with me online than start all over with a new therapist.

Right before you move, start reaching out to people in Place B. Since you’re already licensed in the state, it’s a much easier transition for your business. Start networking via Zoom or schedule some safe in-person meetings for when you arrive. When I moved to Seattle, I had two weeks of daily coffees or lunches already on the books before we left Georgia. Whether you want to maintain an online-only practice or want to transition to in-person, getting to know your colleagues in Place B will only help.

Make sure you do some research about what you may need to do to establish your business in that city or county. Talk to an accountant and/or attorney about the process of changing your business address. And don’t forget to change it with your licensing board, EHR, insurance companies if you accept insurance, etc.

Overall, you moving your life is going to be a much bigger pain in the neck than moving your business. I say that having moved my life and business cross country twice.

Basically, it’s a make-new-friends-but-keep-the-old scenario.

If you need help filling your practice, come join us in the Abundance Party. For a monthly fee, you can learn how step by step and rely on the incredible community of other therapists doing the same thing.



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