I'm Licensed...Now What?

We received the following question via our Ask Allison submission form: If I am licensed, do I need anything else to start seeing clients besides insurance?

Short answer: So many things. 

The first thing I want to do is remind you that you’re starting a business. A bonafide, real capital B business. I would rather you expect there’s a ton to do than that there’s little, mainly so you won’t be disappointed. 

I want to be clear that the steps you have to take to be a legit business are not hard. They’re boring and not how you want to spend your time, but they’re easy. You don’t have to do them all at once. You can dedicate an hour while you watch tv at night to fill out some forms like your articles of incorporation (if you go that route.) You could literally get your EIN while you brush your teeth. You don’t have to spend a needed weekend off with your nose to the grindstone. 

So yes, it’s some work and there are some hoops to jump through. But those hoops aren’t suspended in air and on fire. 

The 2nd thing I noticed is the mention of insurance as a necessary part of private practice. If you’re talking about malpractice insurance, yes. If you mean taking insurance, no.

I say this because we have so many people in the Abundance Party going through our How to Get Off Insurance Panels Course. I don’t care if you’re on insurance panels or not. But I want it to be a conscious choice not an assumed step. So in case you or someone listening is assuming they have to get on insurance panels to succeed, I’ll tell you now that that’s false. I’ve helped people all over the world build private pay practices, in big cities and small towns, in places the clinician was SURE people couldn’t afford it. If you WANT to take insurance, great! Get yourself some good systems to make it easy.

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