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I realize a lot of the blogs lately have been pretty mindset heavy. Depending on where you are as you’re building, that may be hitting the spot or missing the mark. It’s been a bit unbalanced from the readers’ end because in the background I’m chugging away at my What to Say When: Scripts and Templates for Counselors in Private Practice ecourse which, as you might guess from the title, is more how-to and less exploration of emotion. Thus, I’m staying balanced by blogging about mindset. For those of you who need more explanatory and less exploratory, I’ve compiled some of the more popular blog posts from the last year and a half. I hope it’s helpful! The mack daddy of nuts and bolts is my Tasky, Confidence-Boosting Checklist that lays out all the steps you need to take before you see your first private practice client. Mixing it up with a Webinar with Joe Sanok and Jane Carter. 9 Marketing Tips for Private Practice (In this we mention Brew Your Practice, which happened last week and was awesome. So you missed out on this year's but we're talking about another in 2017). Mission Statements are out. Learn what to use instead to guide your business as you grow: Mission Statements are Hammer Pants A quick rundown of how to choose which social media platform(s) to focus on: Using Social Media to Build Your Practice How and When to be “Professional” in Your Private Practice: From what to wear to appropriate use of your phone, you’ll get my 2 cents. No Shows and Late Cancellations: One of the most shared posts I’ve written; this one discusses not only how to set policies, but also how to maintain them. Shortcuts to Getting Paperwork Done: Because knocking it out means you don’t have to think about it anymore. Knowing the best places to spend your money in the early stages is so hard. That’s why I created  When to Scrimp and When to Splurge in Private Practic How to Survive a Networking Event. Spoiler Alert: In my opinion, if you are an introvert you don’t have to do them at all. For everyone else, here’s how to strategize and have fun. Feel awkward about 1:1 networking? Learn how to love it here: Networking for Fun & Profit True to it’s name, my post about email lists has been defended and debated by people I don’t know. Surreal.  This is Going to Be Controversial The most extensive post about Pregnancy and Maternity Leave in Private Practice I’ve ever seen. I share my forms and discuss several different ways of taking leave. It’s what I wanted before I had my first daughter. F-ing Terrified of Public Speaking? Me, too though it’s getting better. Here’s how. 50+ Blog Post Ideas in 30 Minutes or Less: Get your blog post idea list going! It makes it soooo much easier to have a list to choose from when it’s time to write. What You Learned in Grad School is Ruining Your Website (and 10 Ways to Fix It) Awwww, my very first post on this site. I remember being terrified to hit publish. It’s nice to look back and see that I did, in fact, know what I was talking about. :) Any nuts and bolts (outside of Scripts and Templates Land) that you want to hear more about? Let me know in the comments!   Allison Puryear is an LCSW with a nearly diagnosable obsession with business development. She has started practices in three different states and wants you to know that building a private practice is shockingly doable when you have a plan and support. After retiring her individual consultation services, she opened the Abundance Party, where you can get practice-building help for the cost of a copay. You can download a free private practice checklist to make sure you have your ducks in a row, get weekly private practice tips, listen to the podcast, hop into the free Facebook Group. Allison is all about helping you gain the confidence and tools you need to succeed.


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