Episode #226: What To Do Now, What To Do Later With Amy

The Abundant Practice Podcast

Congratulations! You’re starting your private practice! Now you’re just so excited to get all these new ideas out into the world. 💡 But what do you do now and what do you save for later? We tend to get caught up in the idea of doing all the things. Mostly because we’re excited for something new and also because agency life teaches us that we’ve got to be doing all the things - to be worthy of a raise, a promotion, job security and mobility. And the cool part is that once you start your private practice, you get to decide what you do now, and what you do later (after getting solid on your niche and getting a killer website up, of course!). Check in with me and Abundance Party Member Amy as we get those good ideas in order.

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Allison Puryear, LCSW, CEDS of Abundance Practice-Building

Allison Puryear Abundance Practice BuildingHi! I’m Allison Puryear (rhymes with “career”). If you’ve been within 10 feet of me, you may know that I’m as passionate about practice building as I am about helping my clients change their lives. However, you should know that I did not come into private practice easily. 

After nearly burning out at agencies, I built successful private practices in three different states & I realized I had a knack for helping other therapists do the same. I’ve done the work to figure out the logistics of building sustainable, full, & happy practices. I know I can help you do the same.



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