Common Website Copy Mistakes

When people join the Abundance Party or Inner Circle, one of their major pain points is their website copy; they're afraid to show up or get started. They've had really bad feedback that was probably unwarranted or a little harsh or someone pointed out a grammar error a little too gleefully.

Sometimes formatting can be a barrier- or branding can feel chaotic. This could be contributing to what I’m guessing the primary problem may be… the copy. 

The 3 major problems I see in therapist copy, assuming they have a niche and have that part locked down are the following: 

  • The language is flowery and doesn’t say anything. “The resilience of spirit in and among my clients allows for deep healing and growth.” That means nothing to me and I wrote it. I promise you 90% of us therapists have at least one sentence like that on our website or our online listings. Cut the fluff. 
  • The therapists talk about themselves but not in a way the client cares about. “I’m passionate about helping you…” Cut that. Don’t tell us about your passion b/c we don’t care. Tell us about what you do and the kinds of results. 
  •  $5 words and psychobabble. The vast majority of the time your clients don’t care about your theoretical orientation. When you start explaining it, people start clicking the back button. And the harder you try to sound smart with $5 words, the more distanced the person reading feels.  

All these things boil down to one primary problem- not talking to your ideal client as if they’re sitting in front of you. Not talking to a human as a human. Don't be afraid to write a first draft that sucks. Don't be afraid to write a fifth draft that sucks. It's important to work those muscles. 

We just put a new course in the Abundance Party written by our Director of Ops and resident copywriter, Megan Patton, called Demystifying Your Website Copy that includes a home page and About Me template. Members of the Inner Circle get access to this course and also get a 1:1 with Megan to go over their website copy, and time with our Director of Marketing, Leslie Springs to go over their branding. This is just a piece of the program, which is much more comprehensive than just your website, but if your website or branding is a big pain point that's holding you back from building the rest of your practice, check us out! If you're not ready, the Abundance Practice Builder's Facebook Group is a great place to get feedback and workshop your website copy ideas.