Episode #317: Divorce & Private Practice with Danielle Swimm

In today's episode, Allison chats with Danielle Swimm, LCPC about divorce: the importance of support, how to make time for grief, how Danielle had to reconfigure finances, how to make the transition less extreme for a toddler, & what Danielle feared her clients would notice. For anyone going through a divorce, Danielle recommends: The Divorce Survival Guide Podcast.

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About Danielle Swimm, LCPC

Danielle Swimm, LCPC is the owner and founder of Collide Behavioral Health. She's a therapist whose area of concentration is binge eating, body image and anxiety. She has a strong passion for helping people recover from binge eating and orthorexia. She enjoys helping individuals break through perfectionist tendencies, relieve anxiety and stop obsessing about food and body image. She provides therapy at her Annapolis office and also offers virtual sessions. 




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