Episode #335: Bringing Flow to Your Practice with Dr. Julia Colangelo

Y'all we are thrilled to have Dr. Julia Colangeo, DSW, LCSW, on the podcast today. Tune in as she explains how doing something radically different can prompt flow, habits that ignite flow, & the positive impact of better communicating your boundaries. 

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About Dr. Julia Colangelo, DSW, LCSW:

Dr. Julia Colangeo is an award-winning Flow & Mindfulness educator, writer, and advisor based on Maui where she coaches public figures, global leaders, influential visionaries and celebrities on Flow, Creativity, Alchemy, Disruption, and Alignment.

Dr. Julia teaches Mindfulness at Columbia University and speaks and trains at companies including LinkedIn, Harvard in Tech, and Huge. Her writing has been featured in Glamour Magazine, Entrepreneur, The Washington Post, & Huffington Post. 

Dr. Julia's current research focuses on sustainable impact by channeling creativity to integrate flow states for optimal joy and success. Julia lives a quiet life reading with her toddler, surfing whenever possible, and exploring and appreciating nature.

Learn more:

Instagram @heydrjulia



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