Episode #385: Live Video Is Worth It With Marvelous, Feat. Sandy Connery & Jeni Barcelos

We're super excited to welcome Sandy Connery & Jeni Barcelos to the podcast today! Tune in as they share why we’re often scared of live video, why it’s worth utilizing video in marketing, skills for live video, plus why live video is better than recorded video. PS: Jeni & Sandy have created a special offer for y'all, which is live at https://www.heymarvelous.com/. For 20% off your first Marvelous software purchase, monthly or annually, use code Abundant20 (note: this coupon is valid only for the the first 100 purchases).

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About Sandy Connery & Jeni Barcelos

Jeni Barcelos and Sandy Connery are the co-founders of Marvelous, the world’s most beautiful all-in-one teaching platform.  As newcomers to the startup scene, they defied the conventions of tech and built a multi-million dollar software business while sticking to their values!

Jeni is an attorney, a change maker, a mother, and an entrepreneur. Prior to Marvelous, she founded the climate justice nonprofit, [Three Degrees Warmer](http://threedegreeswarmer.org/), served as a Gates Public Service Law Scholar and received a graduate degree in Environmental Science from Yale.

Before co-founding Marvelous, Sandy sold her million-dollar brick-and-mortar retail business and clinic after an amazing 20-year career in footwear and gait analysis. She now brings her business experience to the online space where she loves to create community, teach, and inspire other women to find the freedom and impact they desire.

Together they are the host of the [And She Spoke Podcast](https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/and-she-spoke-making-money-mastering-your-mindset/id1207917759), where they cover everything related to women-led businesses from trademarks to redefining wealth for women.