Episode #389: Supervising Associate Clinicians in Private Practice, feat. Natalie Fewell

We're thrilled to welcome Abundance Community member Natalie Fewell, LCMHCS, ACS, NCC, to the podcast today. Tune in as she & Allison explain how to extract yourself from the learned helplessness of grad school & agency jobs, why it is ok to dream bigger, plus why - if you can in your state - it benefits you NOT to “pay your dues” or “cut your teeth” in an agency.

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To learn more about today's guest, visit her website, https://www.fewellcounseling.com/. For private practice support, join the Abundance Party at https://abundancepracticebuilding.com/abundanceparty & get 40% off your 1st month with coupon code WINTER.

About Natalie Fewell, LCMHCS, ACS, NCC:

“I’m an Associate Clinician! Now what?” As an Independent Supervisor, I will assist you with developing your skills as a future licensed clinician by providing individualized supervision that will prepare you for any mental health setting including starting a private practice. Supervision will prepare you to develop your clinical skills and discover multiple ways of monetizing your license. If you are looking for a nontraditional approach to supervision where you learn more than just what is required by the board, you’re in the right place. My mission is to develop colleagues, not just fulfilling the licensure board requirements.

As a relational therapist, I help you understand the importance of building sustainable relationships as a professional and personally. The way you present yourself personally is very similar to the way you show up professionally and during supervision it is my role to help you maneuver through various clinical situations. During supervision you will learn how to develop clinical relationships with your client and provide a great clinical experience while keeping boundaries between the clinical setting and your personal life. I'm ready to get started!