Episode #401: Courageous Leadership in Group Practice, feat. Vanessa Newton

Vanessa Newton, LCSW-S, CDWF, joins Allison on today's podcast. Tune in as they discuss some major problems in group practice, how to help clinicians in your practice feel supported, plus why taking the time for a group practice mission & vision is vital to ongoing success.

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About Vanessa Newton, LCSW-S, CDWF:

Vanessa Newton, LCSW-S, CDWF is a first generation Latina and Entrepreneur. She is the Owner and Founder of Colors of Austin Counseling, a group practice in Austin, TX that provides mental health services to clients in the state of Texas.

She created Brave and Well as a community for therapists seeking to launch or expand their private practice and believes in supporting clinicians in building businesses that are sustainable, profitable and values aligned.

She has spent over a decade working with teens, survivors of trauma, LatinX women and communities of culture. Her training in EMDR and the curriculum of Brené Brown has helped transform the way clients heal.

She believes in removing barriers of access to mental health treatment for all and uplifting the future generation of therapists so that together we can decolonize mental health and business.

To learn more about Vanessa and the services she offers, visit www.braveandwell.com