Episode #409: Therapists Investing for Retirement, feat. Kaci Schmitt

Kaci Schmitt joins Allison on today's podcast to discuss ways therapists can start investing for retirement. Tune in as she shares her four clear & easy steps to investing plus how to choose a financial advisor.

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About Kaci Schmitt:

I always knew I wanted to work with people. I began my career working in public education, first as a teacher and then, after taking out more graduate student loans, as a school counselor. Toxic narratives swirled around public educators, such as that we needed to be “in it for the outcome, not the income” – Umm, why am I not allowed to be well taken care of financially while also doing meaningful work I love? I wondered.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t even be guaranteed to have a job, much less for that job to be one that allowed me to live with ease financially; every single year that I worked in a public school, there was talk about educators being laid off. I remember driving home from a long, emotionally exhausting day at school in tears years ago, wondering when I would feel secure enough in my work that I wouldn’t need to worry about being let go due to budget cuts. My financial wellbeing relied solely on whether public education would be prioritized and funded.

Until I changed everything for myself. I opened my own private practice as a licensed mental health counselor. Starting my practice initially on the side of working full time was a hustle, but it gave me a sense of relief and confidence, a trust in myself I never had with any school district I worked in. I learned about investing my money and actually developed a passion for personal finance that I want to share with you!

I understand what it’s like to not feel confident managing your money. In the Invested Therapist™ Financial Self-Care Membership, we’ll explore money topics, including navigating financial anxiety, exploring your money story, finding saving and investing strategies that work for you, and creating your own plan for saving and investing for retirement and other financial goals.

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