Episode #443: New Tech For Marketing, feat. Marta Hamilton

Tune into today's podcast as guest Marta Hamilton shares some new technology that therapists can use to market themselves & explains how to use the internet's weirdness for good.

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About Marta Hamilton: 

Telewellness Hub was created by Marta Frappier Hamilton, LPC-S, RYT-200 a telehealth provider since 2016 who also incorporates multiple disciplines and certifications into her private practice. Marta set out to create TeleWellness Hub so that wellness professionals could reach a wide market of potential clients with little financial investment, in a culturally sensitive and inclusive directory, and that operated with the mission of facilitating thriving and optimal health for clients and the businesses of wellness providers alike.

She realized that as an online wellness provider with certifications in more than one state and in more than one field, there was a huge need for a directory that was developed specifically for online professionals in mind; where online wellness professionals could market and target their ideal clients beyond their zip code, that allowed for multi-state and multidisciplinary certifications, that invested heavily in online marketing to help their online wellness services and content (ebooks, social media, mastermind groups, etc) get seen. TeleWellness Hub allows clients to conveniently and confidently find and connect with their ideal wellness professional through simple clicks on TeleWellness Hub’s unique provider profile.