Episode #487: Speak Now: Discover How To Make Your Copy Sing, feat. Jenn Fredette

In today's episode, guest Jenn Fredette shares where to start with your website copy & why therapists are better than almost any other business owner at messaging.

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About Jenn Fredette:

I sat in my therapist’s office, crying, wishing she would invest in the softer tissues so my nose wouldn’t be so raw at the end of every session.

As I hiccuped through my tears and snot running down my face, I tried to explain why I couldn’t imagine leaving my agency job. Didn’t she understand? I had to stay. Not only to pay off my student loans, but also because there was this underlying voice that whispered to me, “you can’t ever leave, this is the way it has to be.”

(The latter of which, in retrospect, was more about my unconscious working out old childhood wounds vis-a-vis some repetition compulsion bullshit. But that’s a different story for a different day.)

She knew then what I couldn’t yet accept: I was meant to do different work, both there in her office and in my journey as a psychotherapist.

But how? For all her help in traversing the land of my heart, but my therapist didn’t have many practical strategies about how to build a successful practice.

So I did what I always do:

I dove straight into research-mode.

I bet you can relate. After all, we’re trained to consult with experts when we’re stumped. Maybe like me you’ve read books, contemplated taking any number of courses, and aimed to collect all the free information that floats around on the internet. Making lists upon lists of all the things you ‘ought’ to be doing to build your practice.

And maybe like me, the research stage overwhelms more than helps you. There are so many things to do, it’s hard to know what and how to prioritize. It’s easier to just fantasize about filling your caseload through magical thinking rather than marketing.

I was scared to invest in my gut instincts, and so I instead relied on mimicking others. I attempted to do all the marketing things, using work to hide away from the worry that I would fail in this private practice-building adventure.

And yet, even with a never-ending to-do list, building my business felt empty. I brought in lots of clients who could afford my full fee, yet I still found myself longing for more.

Building a business had merged with a desire to discover my voice, to articulate what I was learning in my work as both therapist and client, and to speak with boldness and clarity.

Strategy, while necessary, left me feeling disconnected from my depth. Turns out that I needed more than just strategy to build the business of my dreams, I needed story infused with soul.

But how? For all their help in understanding the strategy of building a private practice, the marketing consultants I worked with didn’t know how to help me translate clinical insight into tangible words that would resonate with the people I’m meant to serve.

So I created it.

I built a six-figure solo practice that challenges and delights me, ensuring that my caseload is consistently full with committed clients who are willing to invest financially and emotionally in uncovering the mysteries of themselves and those around them.

If you struggle to know how to integrate your clinical insight with effective marketing strategy, then you are in the right place.