Episode #491: Cultural & Social Constructs In The Therapy Room, feat. Michelle Kater

Guest Michelle Kater joins Allison in today's episode to explain the difference between cultural constructs & social constructs, how these constructs impact clients & shift our lens as therapists, plus four ways culture can impact mental health.

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About Michelle Kater:

Every single person is on a journey of healing and each individual’s journey is unique! I deeply believe in that journey and that every individual and couple has the ability to transform their lives to feeling alive, whole, and new.

I specialize in working with trauma, including domestic violence, sexual violence, physical trauma, grief, PTSD, and Complex PTSD. I work with children, individuals, and couples to facilitate revelation, reconciliation, and RESTORATION! Trauma impacts the way we see the world and how we interact with those closest to us. I love working closely with my clients by building a strong foundation of trust and transcending the challenges that have gotten in the way of true healing and restoration.

One of my passions as a counselor is providing Christian counseling to those who have experienced faith based wounds and/or trauma. I strongly believe in the right for every single person to feel safe within their faith regardless of background or identity. I have worked, side by side, those who have experienced trauma within their church, communities, or even within their own families. If this is you, please know you are not alone, and I am FOR you!!

Couples: I love working with all types of couples! Whether your relationship is in crisis or you’re happy and want to strengthen your intimacy and communication skills, couples counseling is an excellent resource for your relationship. I love working with couples from blended backgrounds, blended families, and couples trying to recover from broken trust or infidelity. No matter where you are in your relationship, I look forward to working with you and helping you and your relationship grow, strengthen, and transform!

My Journey:

I live in Asheville with my husband, 2 children, and our foster daughter. I have my Master’s Degree in Professional Counseling and I have worked in the mental health field for 20 years. My experience ranges from working with acute crises, to children and adults living with disabilities, to adults and children facing mental health diagnoses. I have had the privilege of being the Executive Director of a group home in Berkeley, California as well as being able to serve as a clinical consultant for the state of North Carolina through NC START. As a therapist, I have specialized in working with trauma through serving survivors of domestic and sexual abuse. I have also served as a school based counselor providing outpatient therapy for Primary and Elementary aged children. I have worked with families navigating DSS, foster care, and adoption as well. I also specialize in working with couples from all different backgrounds, and in all different places within their relationship.