Episode #497: Making Private Pay More Accessible, feat. Christine Li

Christine Li, Founder & CEO of Mentaya, joins Allison in today's episode to share the specific thing you can have on your website that can bring in more clients who are on the fence about private pay, how out of network can be much easier for clients without adding work to your plate, & different models of accessibility available to practices.

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About Christine Li & Mentaya:

Why work with Mentaya? We get you paid your full cash rate. If you've ever experienced the awkward "do you take insurance?" question and felt pressure to start talking about your sliding scale, we're here to help you.

We get “on the fence” private pay clients ready to start work with you by helping them realize: Just because you charge your full cash rate does not mean they can't get reimbursed for therapy.We're not the typical "mental health company". 

We offer a unique guarantee around successful claim submission – or your money back. This is our way of promising that we genuinely do our best to make sure clients get reimbursed, even if it means doing paperwork and getting on the phone with insurance. 

The number 1 piece of feedback we hear is: “That's it? Its so simple!” We have therapists on our team making sure that we design everything with therapists in mind – so that we can win therapists back some of that well-deserved time.

We pride ourselves in being 100% transparent on our fees – what you see is what you get. We are not in the business of getting people in the door with lower fees, only to jack it up later or go out of service.