Episode #549: Chronic Fatigue in Therapists, feat. Tiffany Cogwin

In today's episode, Allison and guest Tiffany Cogwin discuss the topic of chronic fatigue, including the differentiation between general exhaustion and chronic fatigue syndrome, as well as the link between fatigue and time spent outside. They also explore the personal struggles of being overwhelmed and overcommitted, and the trend of younger generations shying away from traditional career paths due to burnout and fatigue. 

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About Tiffany Cogwin:

Tiffany is a Certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner, Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner and Yoga Teacher. She is an experienced executive leader and transformational coach who has a passion for helping others thrive by guiding them to shift their mindset, take action towards goals and embrace self-care. An explorer at heart, with a never ending curiosity for learning new things, she is constantly expanding her education and has received additional training in Nutrigenomics (DNA Testing), Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA), Bioenergetics, Hypnotherapy (Board Certified), Quantum Biology and Biophysics.

Links to Resources:

  • Want to know what the 5 must dos are for busy professionals who want to bring their A-game everyday and stop feeling run-down?  Listeners can download Tiffany's From Fatigued to Fired Up! at https://tiffanycagwin.com/about/resources/  and take the next steps towards living a healthier life. 
  • Are you ready to manage your stress, reduce pain and increase your success inside?  Book your free Beat Pain & Be At Your Best call with Tiffany using the following link: https://tiffanycagwin.com/discovery-call/