Episode #359: Being a Better Therapist for your Jewish Clients, feat. Sasha Taskier

Sasha Taskier, LMFT, is this month's Abundant Voices guest, y'all. Tune in as she discusses the spectrum of Judaism, the impact of collective & generational trauma on the Jewish community, & how to find strength in the persecution narrative. Sponsored by: TherapyNotes™


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About Sasha Taskier, LMFT:

I believe the therapeutic space is meant to both hold you in compassion and safety, and challenge you towards growth. Laughter, tears, silence, and questions are all a part of the process.

My passion for therapy exists within a relational framework; I believe that our experiences in childhood, our caretakers, and the larger socio-economic and cultural contexts that we inhabit have an enormous influence on who we are. Understanding these aspects of our identity can help answer the questions so many of us have about why we interact with our loved ones (& friends, colleagues, strangers, etc.) the way we do. 

It is an immense honor to help my clients deepen their understanding of both themselves and their loved ones, and work towards healing. I find incredible purpose in walking alongside my clients as they work to transform their lives.

I am committed to my own work of acknowledging implicit biases, listening to and learning from people of color, as well as continuing to understand how we, as a community, must work to dismantle systemic oppression and racism. I work with all genders, religions, races, ethnicities, and relationship contexts. All people are welcome in my space. 



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