Episode #453: Transitioning to Private Practice While Working

We've got another Party Dip episode for y'all today! Party Dip is our newest Abundant Practice Podcast series in which we feature an excerpt from one of our courses to give listeners a little taste of the Abundance Party, our flagship membership offering. 

Today’s Party Dip is from our course called Transitioning to Private Practice While Working. It’s for people who are currently working a job & don’t have the luxury of just quitting & starting a practice. It’s for those that may have to straddle a job & private practice for a short period of time.

Abundance has helped thousands of people make this shift, & there are some predictable struggles. In this excerpt from the course, Allison talks about some of the planning to avoid the big stumbling blocks along with a touch of mindset recalibration. We hope it’s helpful for you. If you want more of this course, join us in the Abundance Party

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