Episode #469: Ketamine Assisted Therapy, feat. Jonathan Sabbagh of Journey Clinical

In today's podcast, Jonathan Sabbagh, CEO of Journey Clinical, joins Allison to discuss the history of ketamine in mental health settings, the way ketamine works in your brain, plus how ketamine helps integrate insights.

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About Jonathan Sabbagh: 

Jonathan is the Co-Founder and CEO of Journey Clinical, the leading telehealth platform expanding access to Psychedelic-Assisted Psychotherapy. A serial entrepreneur, Jonathan built his career in finance, spending over two decades working for hedge funds and building businesses in Switzerland and NYC. After receiving a difficult diagnosis of PTSD and extreme burnout, Jonathan left the world of finance to focus on his mental health, during which he personally experienced the transformative benefits of plant medicine and Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP). Jonathan’s personal healing journey inspired him to begin formal clinical psychology training at The New School with the vision of expanding access to transformative psychedelic-assisted therapies to the millions of Americans living with depression and anxiety. Ultimately, Jonathan’s personal and professional journey motivated him to found Journey Clinical in 2021, the #1 platform in the US that enables licensed mental health professionals to deliver KAP at scale. Learn more at www.JourneyClinical.com.