Episode #475: Working On Overworking, feat. Ann Robinson

Guest Ann Robinson, LCSW joins Allison in today's episode to discuss how work/life balance has become weaponized, how to get your needs met without hustling, plus how to push through the discomfort of downtime.

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About Ann Robinson, LCSW:

Ann Robinson (she/her) is a trauma therapist and clinical supervisor in Fort Collins, Colorado. When she's not busy helping her clients navigate life's ups and downs, you can find her co-owning Two Rivers Therapy & Consulting. Ann has a knack for working with womxn who exudes enough grit and resilience to make Wonder Woman blush. Her secret weapon? Incorporating humor into therapy sessions because, let's face it, life's too short to take everything so seriously. Ann's got your back if you're ready to cope with lives stressors without burning the candle at both ends.

Visit www.tworiverstherapycolorado.com to learn more.