When Should I Outsource?

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Consult Monday

Rebeeca Wong of Connectfulness Counseling

Rebecca WongRebecca Wong is a relationship therapist and consultant. She's a co-host of the Practice Of Being Seen podcast and the creator of Connectfulness, a research-based practice that encourages you to explore and embrace every aspect of your humanity – including everything that’s marvelous and all that’s messy. Rebecca helps her clients dare to share their truest self with the world. Rebecca says, "when you truly see yourself you create a ripple effect that allows you to be the change you wish to see in the world, and that invites those around you to do the same."

For Consult Monday we discuss:

  • How the tedium of tracking everything you do for a while can save you time and clarify your values around work time
  • What to outsource, what to keep on your list
  • The Job Post I used to hire my assistant
  • How to get things done and train someone at the same time
  • Just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should
  • What happens when you spend too much time outside your area of genius
  • Non-work ways you can outsource




Canva.com (for playing with graphic design yourself)

Zoom.us (recording your screen)

Nicolebonsol.com (graphic design, copywriting, general brand awesomeness)

Meetedgar.com (social media automation)

Calendly.com (non-HIPAA-compliant calendar automation)

Mysolutionservices.com (virtual practice management)



Follow Through Friday

Allison Puryear, LCSW, CEDS of Abundance Practice-Building

Allison Puryear Abundance Practice BuildingAllison Puryear is an LCSW with a nearly diagnosable obsession with business development. She has started practices in three different cities and wants you to know that building a private practice is shockingly doable when you have a plan and support. You can download a free private practice checklist to make sure you have your ducks in a row, get weekly private practice tips, and join the Abundance Practice-Building Group to gain the confidence and tools you need to succeed.



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