Ask Allison Episode #108: Supervision

The Abundant Practice Podcast


Your development as a clinician is important and I will always advocate that you seek out great supervision at the start of your career. Just because something or someone seems "legitimate", the way an agency job seems legitimate, doesn't mean it's good or that you’re becoming a better clinician for it. This week’s Ask Allison and worksheet is all about getting the right resources under your belt to hone your skills and get what you need to serve your ideal clients - even if you’re not in private practice yet. 

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Allison Puryear, LCSW, CEDS of Abundance Practice-Building

Allison Puryear Abundance Practice BuildingHi! I’m Allison Puryear (rhymes with “career”). If you’ve been within 10 feet of me, you may know that I’m as passionate about practice building as I am about helping my clients change their lives. However, you should know that I did not come into private practice easily. 

After nearly burning out at agencies, I built successful private practices in three different states & I realized I had a knack for helping other therapists do the same. I’ve done the work to figure out the logistics of building sustainable, full, & happy practices. I know I can help you do the same. 



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