Episode #277: Becoming a TikTok Therapist Influencer with Ryan Allen


At the time of this recording, podcast guest & Inner Circle graduate Ryan Allen (aka @preschooltherapy) had 706,400 TikTok followers. In this episode, he shares with Allison how he grew his following, how it has impacted his practice, & how he manages this busy side of his business.

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Ryan Allen, LPCC-S,LICDC:

I became a child therapist because I wanted to help kids in those crucial years when their brains are still malleable and they are able to learn the skills that will help them for the rest of their lives.

In a world that moves as fast as ours with increasingly busy families, longer hours at work, and electronics making it easier to hide from our feelings than it is to deal with them, I help families use the little time they have together to connect rather than fight and, in so doing, help to find peace in their homes.

Kids are the future of our world and by helping them learn how to deal with problems, make friends, and cope with their emotions, we are making a brighter future.

Children can respond wonderfully to therapy. Things can start to get better. To get started click the ‘Get Started Now’ button on my website or call me at 513-646-9708.