Episode #283: Providing Supervision in Your Practice with Rebecca Toner

Y'all we're so excited to welcome Rebecca Toner of Supportive Supervision to the podcast. Tune in as she & Allison explore the importance of on-going clinical supervision & discuss how to market a supervision arm of your practice.

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About Rebecca Toner:

"I’m exactly like you. I’ve had good jobs and bad, and I’ve worked in some agencies which encouraged my strengths, some which were unaware of them, and some which tried to exploit them. The worst were the ones which didn’t value me as a clinician at all. It wasn’t until I was starting my own private practice (and had to fend for myself while learning everything the hard way) that I finally started to see and believe in my own strengths.

And I’ve never looked back.

Now, not only do I love helping clinical clients with IFS-informed EMDR therapy, I also have found a passion for helping other clinicians come into their own. I help clinicians overcome fraud syndrome through empowering, social justice focused, trauma-framework clinical supervision and EMDR consultation. I also really love helping colleagues get their own clinical supervision and consultation practices so that they can help other clinicians learn to be their own best selves while serving their clients authentically."