Episode #295: The Hoped For Future: SFBT with Elliott Connie

Today's special guest is Elliott Connie of Solution Focused Brief Therapy. Tune in as he challenges the efficacy of eclectic therapy, discusses the utility in going all in on one modality, & shares what Solution Focused Brief Therapy provides for him & his students.  

Sponsored by: TherapyNotes™ Brighter VisionAbout Elliott Connie: A complicated and less than ideal upbringing like the one I had can often break a spirit. So, what then, is the reason that some of us gain strength from our shortcomings and trauma? It was this question that initiated my journey into the world of psychotherapy.

The spark that my question created within me led me to get a Bachelors in Psychology and a Master of Science in Professional Counseling. Over time, my personal and professional experiences taught me that resilience is what makes or breaks a human spirit. My belief in human resilience is what caused me to fall in love with Solution Focused Brief Therapy and learn the ins and outs of this approach.

Learn more here: http://thesfu.com/


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