What to do When you Need a Social Media Detox

The best possible thing you can do for your practice is to make choices that keep it sustainable. Is social media bringing clients in the door? Is it the kind of marketing you want to be doing?

Let’s say social media IS bringing clients in the door. Let’s say it’s your biggest referral source. Let’s say you DO love it but it can be a bit much sometimes.

The answer is ABSOLUTELY you can take a break. You can just take a true break and have a gap in your feed or you can schedule posts out ahead of time using software like Meet Edgar, Buffer, HootSuite, or Loomly. If you can have an autoresponder from your DM’s letting anyone who contacts you know that you’ll return their message on a specific day or week then do that too!

When you come back, don’t write one of those “sorry I didn't post for a while” posts. Most people won’t notice. If your break was valuable or something you encourage your clients to do you can have a post about the most important thing you learned on your social media break. Or how you might have managed the urge to check just one thing real quick. Or what you did to replace the dopamine hit engagement on social provides. If you acknowledge your break at all, do it with content that benefits your followers.

I fully support social media breaks. I take a 3 day break every week Fri-Sun. Yes, it means I spend about 2 hours on Monday catching up and replying to everything that happened in the Abundance Party Facebook group and sorting through notifications. But being offline makes me better at everything when I get back.

Ultimately, your business will never be as important as your well being. And your wellbeing is what’s at stake if you don’t take breaks.

If you need help building and setting boundaries, you can check out the Abundance Party at Abundanceparty.com for some social media guidelines and marketing strategies that leave you off the hook if Instagram isn't your thing.



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