Don't Worry About Your Follower Count

Marketing on social media can feel challenging. Social media can be an...interesting place, but it's also a place where our ideal clients spend a lot of time. Reaching your ideal client on social media can also really boost that imposter syndrome - wouldn't having more followers make you seem more authoritative, more an expert? Is having a low follower count keeping you from marketing on social media?

Just keep in mind, every non-celebrity you follow who has thousands, tens of thousands of followers now started with a low count.

A high follower count does lend social proof or legitimacy. But for a private practice, a low follower count doesn’t necessarily mean you aren’t legit or a great therapist. It means you just started your account. It may take you a while to get to a number you deem "legit" but there are a lot of ways you can utilize social media to support your ideal client and be seen.

Rather than focus on the number of followers, focus on marketing as service. Focus on providing content that is helpful to your ideal client. Forget the pretty “Be the change” quotes or the Marilyn Monroe quotes and self-care hashtags. Provide actual support, information, some laughs. Show up consistently and be your actual self.

Being authentic can seem daunting, but in reality, you just need to share. Share your actual lived experience, not the shiny perfect version or the complete basketcase version, but that awesome balance of shiny and messy we call life. Find the balance of what your followers care about, what you’re willing to be open about, (a nice cross-section of that is pets and hobbies), and what would be helpful to your ideal client. It can be easy to feel like you have to be a content whirlwind but you don't have to go full-throttle creating stellar content all day. You can also share and tag podcasts that address what your ideal client may be going through, share (and give credit!), or other content from people you want to network with so you can support each other.

If you're concerned about a low-follower count can invite your friends, family, and colleagues to follow you in the meantime. Don’t be shy- you’re a business owner! Maybe they’ll share something and it’ll help one of their followers or yield a client.



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