Episode #313: Work/Life Balance with Anush Hansen

In today's episode, Allison talks with Anush Hansen, MA, MS, LPC, CCC, about getting clear on what aspects of your work &/or life aren’t working for you.

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About Anush Hansen, MA, MS, LPC, CCC

Anush Hansen is a Licensed Professional Counselor in Maine, a Certified
Career Counselor credentialed by the National Career Development
Association, the owner of Kennebunk Career & Wellness Counseling
(kennebunkcounseling.com) and Balanced Card Sorts
(balancedcardsorts.com), and the developer of the Work-Life Balance Assessment card sort.

In addition to her counseling degree, Anush received her master’s in Public
Health in 2001, and worked for 17 years in health promotion research and
public health program evaluation. It is her background in health promotion
and public health that fuels her commitment to using a holistic, wellness-
centered approach when working with career counseling clients, and that
helped to shape the Work-Life Balance Assessment.

Anush lives in Maine with her husband, two children, a very energetic
chocolate lab/Aussie mix, and two extremely fluffy cats.