Episode #321: Supporting Jewish Culture From a Therapists Perspective with Abby Dixon

In today's episode, Allison chats with Abby Dixon, LPCA, about the importance of educating yourself on different religious experiences & how to balance faith, therapy, & personal experience.

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About Abby Dixon, LPCA

Hi there! I’m Abby, the founder of The Joywell. For many years, helping women achieve well-being has been my passion. As a woman and mom who has had (and still has!) a variety of positive experiences and tremendous obstacles, I understand and appreciate the challenges life can throw at us. However, nothing really exists to address these challenges outside of psychotherapy. While psychotherapy is wonderful, useful, and valuable, not everyone needs or enjoys psychotherapy. Likewise, psychotherapy cannot always, within its specific scope, address all of the needs we have! After years of research, personal experiences, advanced training and education, and lots of life lived, I decided to create a one-of-a-kind place for women to gather (virtually for now), learn, connect, and get the kind of mental health care they deserve.



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