Episode #323: 3 Ways to Inspire Ideal Clients to Schedule with Aisha R. Shabazz

Today's podcast guest is the incredible Aisha R. Shabazz, LCSW. Tune in as she & Allison dive into the hows & whys of a marketing plan, discuss how to make it easy for clients to make an appointment, & explain the dos & don'ts in a client inquiry form to attract the right clients & repel bad fits.

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About Aisha R. Shabazz, LCSW

Aisha R. Shabazz (she/her/hers) is a private practice strategist and host of the Beyond the Session podcast, who teaches mental health therapists in solo private practice how to infuse time-saving strategies, solutions and tools into their businesses, so that it’s easier to make space for life beyond the session. 

Aisha guides therapists on how to ethically fill their caseload with ideal clients by helping them create a streamlined therapy consultation process that’s not only value-based, but data-driven and informed by their customized strategic marketing plan.

Aisha believes “it’s unnecessary to sacrifice your health, well-being, and livelihood to offer high quality care” and encourages helping professionals to practice meeting their needs first and to nurture themselves as they nurture others.

Aisha is also the founder of In Real Time Wellness, a solo private practice in the Philadelphia Metro area, serving socially conscious and creative teens, young adults, and human beings who are seeking to relieve anxiety, release insecurity, and rediscover their confidence.

When Aisha is not helping others, you can find her writing, practicing yoga and meditation, and spending quality time in nature with her partner, Shad.