Episode #325: How to DIY SEO for Your Practice with Nick Fuller

We're very excited to welcome special guest Nick Fuller of iTherapy.com on today's podcast. Tune in as he & Allison discuss the low hanging SEO fruit most therapists can do on their own, beginner steps for SEO, & link-building tips. Learn more here!

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About Nick Fuller

I’ve been an entrepreneur and web developer for almost a decade. I’ve been working with iTherapy since 2016 and am now the CEO of iTherapy after former CEO and co-founder Forrest Pulley decided, “You know, maybe age 72 is a good time to retire.” The iTherapy team and I have helped hundreds of therapists start their private practices, bring their practices online confidently, and grow their practices to full case loads.


The Private Practice SEO Guide by iTherapy:

If you’ve ever tried to do your own SEO or learn it on your own before, you already know it can be an Alice in Wonderland rabbit hole – you fall in and just keep falling! There’s so much to learn with SEO.

In this course, I show you easy steps to follow. With the videos in the course, you’ll be able to play, pause, and follow along as I go through all the steps I take with my client’s site.