Episode #349: Therapists Deserve Great Sex, feat. Lindsey Brooks

Today's guest is the wonderful Dr. Lindsey Brooks, y'all. Tune in as she & Allison discuss why therapists deserve to have great sex & how to get it. 

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About Dr. Lindsey Brooks:

I’ve provided 1:1 therapy since 2005 and have built a specialty in serving sexually and culturally diverse clients. I am certified in sex therapy from the Sexual Health Alliance. I’ve loved helping vulva-having people learn about their sexuality and pursue pleasure with freedom from shame. I love working with women who grew up in sex-negative families or religions who are ready to define their own relationship with sex. I’m passionate about more women having access to good sex education outside of the therapy room. This is what inspired me to create Sexual Empowerment School. I’ll curate the most helpful information I’ve learned and share it with you in my resources and workshops. I can’t wait to help you own your right to pleasure in Sexual Empowerment School!