Episode #369: Working with Deaf Clients as a Hearing Therapist, feat. Katheryn Barton

Special guest Katheryn Barton, M.Ed., LPC, NCC, joins Allison in today's podcast. Tune in as she shares resources to learn more about Deaf culture, alternative ways to communicate in session, & her successful experiences working with an interpreter.

DISCLAIMER: This is a perspective of a hearing therapist who works with the Deaf community. For a pdf file of the transcript for this episode, click the following link: Abundance Practice Building Transcript- Working with Deaf Clients as a Hearing Therapist with Kathryn Barton.pdf.

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About Katheryn Barton, M.Ed., LPC, NCC

I’m Katheryn Barton. Some of my favorite things in this world include, keeping busy. I am always on the lookout for the next thing I can learn and jump into. I am a sucker for workshops and reading or listening to (audiobook) the next book for my book club. I love traveling, trying new foods and seeing what level of spicy I can make my Thai food without hating myself 😉 Live music and living-room dance parties with my daughter keep me young and my mom-moves up-to-par. My favorite things include laughing with my mom, even if it is mostly to America’s Funniest Home Videos. In the fall, exploring any vast pumpkin patch for the perfect jack-o-lantern. Listening to the chorus of a family singing happy birthday to the lucky person that month. The little bit of icing on the bottom of the candle that feels like a special, sneaky-treat. And of course, a thick Ted Drewes concrete on a hot summer day, trying to finish it before it turns into ice-cream soup.

My background consists of altogether a few years living and traveling abroad where I learned how to order a beer and say cheers in many languages. I went to school over many years and earned my undergraduate degree from the University of Kansas. THEN I went back for my associate degree to become a sign language interpreter. Since that wasn’t enough for me, I went back to school again while working full-time with Special School District to earn my master’s degree. All of this has brought me here, where I am finally ready and excited to help my clients learn healthy communication tools and strategies. 

Gottman Trainings

Emotion Focused Therapy Trainings

Suicide Prevention Trainings

Grief Trainings

Mediation Training

Licensed Professional Counselor #2018028495

Sign Language Interpreter since 2010



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