Episode #377: Networking for Referrals, feat. Ashley Clark Comegys

We're thrilled to welcome Ashley Clark Comegys, LCSW, to the podcast today! Tune in as she & Allison discuss who is most likely to refer to you; how to engage stakeholders, people in the community, & other therapists; plus who to reach out to if you have very little time to network.

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About Ashley Clark Comegys, LCSW:

When I was starting my online therapy practice other therapists and experts would tell me “you’ve got to network!” They would encourage me to let other providers know that I was building my practice and what I offered in case they had someone to refer out to me. But I had no idea where to find these people! Especially since I was literally across the country from some of the states I was building my practice in.

I’d randomly reach out to other therapists on Instagram to try and set up a virtual coffee date, hoping someone would maybe respond. Networking took a lot of effort and hunting that I didn’t have time for.

Fast forward a few years, and my practice is thriving and full of my ideal clients! But the new referrals continue to reach out to me wanting therapy, and I don’t have any more appointments open. I know how much effort it can take a potential client to contact a therapist, which makes it hard to tell them that I am full and they should search on a large directory site for a provider (and cross their fingers that they find someone with an opening who will call them back).

As I have been supporting other mom clinicians in building their own online practices I saw two needs that could solve each others problems. Some providers need a place where they can reach out to other therapists to network and connect (without having to search all over social media and knocking on office doors). While other clinicians need reliable therapists they can send overflow referrals to and know that the potential client will have the access to therapy they need.

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