Episode # 403: Your Theoretical Orientation is Personal, feat. Catherine Foerster Schully

Guest Catherine Foerster Schully, LPC joins Allison on the podcast today! Tune in as she shares the importance of exploring what circumstances, people, & environments led to change for you; how you believe human problems develop; & the differences between theory (the road map) & interventions (the pit stops).

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About Catherine Foerster Schully, LPC :

I am now offering professional consultations to help you get clear about theory. You don't need to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on more trainings when you have a solid foundation in a theoretical orientation.

Before you roll your eyes and say "not one theory works for everyone," ask yourself if what you really mean is intervention. I find we tend to confuse these.

Interventions = what we do with clients
Theory = WHY we are doing it

A training will give you more interventions but without understanding your theory, you are providing directionless counseling.

I have created a teaching method to help you access the theoretical orientation that is already inside of you and you just need some help to reach it!