Episode #441: Creating & Repurposing Content, feat. Traci DeForge

Tune into today's podcast as guest Traci DeForge, Founder & CEO of Produce Your Podcast, shares how to get started with content creation, how to get engagement, & why both patience & consistency are as important as they are hard.

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About Traci DeForge, Founder & CEO of Produce Your Podcast:

Traci is recognized as an international podcast expert, sought after speaker and media contributor featured on ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, CTV, Fortune.com, and American Express Open. She is the co-host of RadioINK’s How to Make Real Money Podcasting podcast, and the co-host of Ask Brien Radio Show on KHTS AM & FM, Los Angeles, CA. She is the Executive Producer of The Personal Finance Podcast Network and host of The Podcast Experts podcast. She's a member of the Rolling Stone Culture Council and is on the Editorial Advisory Board of The Podcast Business Journal.

Her 30- year professional career reflects a unique combination of Award Winning Mixed Media Production, Business Consulting and Broadcast Radio Expertise.

This powerful combination led to founding Produce Your Podcast, a premier podcast consulting & production agency providing a comprehensive, full service high quality solution to incorporating podcasting into B2B and B2C clients overall digital marketing strategy. She is the creator of PodHive, an online community for business growth focused podcasters, My Podcast Biz, an online certification program for Podcast Managers & The Professional Podcasters Association.

From early stage startups to her work with Fortune 500 companies including Google, Hilton, Weight Watchers International, Microsoft and British Airways, Traci’s expertise identifies successful business development opportunities for innovative growth.