Episode #451: How To Rank On Google, feat. Danica Wolf

Hoping to rank higher on Google? Well you're in luck! Danica Wolf, MSW of Simplified SEO Consulting joins Allison on today's podcast to discuss some of her top SEO tips & shares just how many of the ranking factors need to be satisfied to rank on page 1 of Google.

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About Danica Wolf, MSW:

Danica is a life-long learner and self-described business strategy nerd. She is a talented writer and content strategist with multiple interests. You may meet Danica on a consult call, hear from her when you become a client, or meet during your onboarding call! Either way, if you have a “Done For You” SEO package with us, you’ll probably meet Danica soon. As the supervisor of our SEO Specialist Team, Danica gets to support all of our clients’ websites, often doing what she calls “SEO 2.0” to get the best possible results. Danica is also our primary instructor for both 12-Week Done-With-You SEO Intensive Training and the quarterly SEO Mastermind cohort. Finally, if you are an Alumni of our SEO services, you will also see Danica on bi-weekly Alumni Office Hours calls!

For over a decade, Danica served as an Adjunct Faculty Member for the MU School of Social Work and the Lincoln University Department of Social Work. Her campus work focused on trauma, sexual violence, relationship violence, stalking, Social Work skills, violence prevention, and survivor advocacy. Off-campus, Danica owns and operates Harmony Birth Services, a full-spectrum doula agency in Columbia, Missouri. Blending trauma work and birth work has been a passion since giving birth to her oldest child in 2013. Now a mother of two, Danica loves the freedom of self-employment and remote work while the kiddos are small. She loves music, exploring local parks and trails, and creating beautiful gifts in her “craft corner”. Over the years, Danica has seen the benefit of great SEO and is thrilled to help other helping professionals get great results, too!