Episode #477: The Universe Won’t Build Your Practice For You, feat. Lindsay Melka

Abundance's very own Lindsay Melka, LPC joins Allison in today's episode to share what often slows therapists' progress as they build, the hardest things about building a practice, plus realistic expectations for practice building.

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About Lindsay Melka, LPC:

Lindsay is one of Allison’s former 1:1 consultees from way back in the day, & she’s been a consultant at Abundance for years. At this point, they basically share a consulting brain.

Lindsay’s private-pay practice focuses on people who are anxious, have low self esteem, & are socially awkward.

She’s a great consultant because she knows what works. She has guided hundreds of therapists to full practices through the Inner Circle in her calm, steady way. She’s great at taking your disparate ideas & scattered thoughts & coalescing them into a niche, a plan, & a full practice.

Lindsay has heard, & felt, pretty much every private practice fear you can experience, & she’s a pro at walking you through those insecurities while also helping you do what needs to be done to fill your practice.