Episode #531: How Therapists Are REALLY Doing, feat. Connor McClenahan

Connor McClenahan joins Allison in today's episode to discuss the stresses and challenges faced by therapists, particularly in the last few years. Together, they explore how many therapists often create their own stressors and demands, which can lead to a loss of agency and feelings of burnout. Connor and Allison also highlight the importance of finding joy outside of work and re-centering oneself. 

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About Connor McClenaha:

I help lawyers, professionals, and couples who are feeling overwhelmed by difficult and hard-to-move-through emotions. Sometimes I help people with OCD, anxiety, panic, trauma, and depression. Often the symptoms a person experiences is the expression of a deeper belief or memory that needs to be expressed and understood. This helps create new pathways so we can resolve the feeling and move forward. 

It's easy to feel alone in a city as large as LA. I think most of us are looking for good conversation about things that matter most to us, but instead are sometimes treated cogs in a larger engine. I find joy in setting aside a sanctuary for my clients where we can open up more of who they are and discover things that make a real difference in their lives.


I received my BA in Therapeutic and Community Psychology from Point Loma Nazarene University in 2009, Masters of Arts in Clinical Psychology from Fuller Theological Seminary in 2012, and will receive my doctorate in Clinical Psychology in June, 2015. My work has involved contemporary psychoanalytic practice with attention to spirituality and cultural issues. Prior to my work at Sync Counseling Center I worked for 4 years in community mental health centers in the San Gabriel area, providing individual, couple, and child therapy. I have also worked on staff at Montrose Church for 3 years, providing pastoral care and support for LifeGroups.