Episode #537: Creativity Is The Key, feat. Megan Walsh

Megan Walsh joins Allison in today's episode to discuss the issue of therapists feeling creatively disconnected and share strategies for therapists wanting to reconnect with their creativity. Together, they explore how therapists often lose their creative connection due to overthinking, comparison, and a lack of alignment with their unique selves. In this episode, Megan suggests different activities a therapist can do to evoke joy and thus gain some clarity about both personal and professional goals.

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Megan continues to be in awe of the transformative power of the creative space, both with clients and in her own personal and professional life. Megan graduated with her master’s in music psychotherapy from New York University. She has completed advanced training in psychoanalysis and is now a certified analytical music therapy practitioner. Megan is the owner of her private psychotherapy practice, where she works with adults navigating anxiety, relationships, and childhood trauma. Megan also works as a coach & mentor, using her innovative creative methods to support thought leaders & entrepreneurs to maximize their creativity and realize their goals.